Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Attention Irgun and Lehi Veterans


A group of elderly Kenyans allegedly tortured and assaulted during the repression of their country's independence movement in the 1950s is to present a letter to No 10 tomorrow morning calling on the British government to launch an investigation into their treatment.

Today three men and two women, who say they were variously beaten, raped and castrated during the Kenyan "emergency" from 1952 to 1960, lodged a claim for compensation against the government at the high court and demanded an official apology. Tomorrow, they will ask Gordon Brown for a meeting to discuss their position.

The five are veterans of the Mau Mau movement, which rose up against the British colonial administration. Their lawyer, Martin Day, said he believed they had a good chance of success.


The Foreign Office said: "It is, of course, right that those who feel they have a case are free to take it to the courts. But as we have previously indicated to the solicitors, we expect to contest the cases on questions around liability and limitations...

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