Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nadia Matar Arrested

Last night, after a demo against Condi Rice and Ehud Olmert's plans to hand over sovereign Israeli territory, Nadia was arrested (here, in Hebrew).

Why Arutz 7 doesn't have this up in English, I don't know.



(from a close acquaintance)

I am unable to sleep after witnessing what I did this evening.

I went to a demonstration to protest Olmert and Rice's meeting and the pressure being put on Israel for more and more concessions - not that our Prime Minister is not ready to yield. The rally was called for 7:00 PM at French Square which is opposite the Kings Hotel at the corner of Ramban and King George, Jerusalem.

Nadia Matar of WIG (Women in Green) spoke as did Elyakim Haetzni and a couple of other people. Peace Now had a demonstration closer to Olmert's house . We finished our demonstration and were ready to disperse when the police suddenly said that they wanted to arrest Nadia who was sitting on a wall in the
Square with some people around her - all quiet.

A heavyset policeman was standing next to me and seemed to be running the show. I asked him why he had ordered the action and he said that it was because she 'had a history'. There were about 20 people standing around and we all were shocked. Nadia had done nothing wrong; we were all witness to this. If they thought that she had why did they wait until everything was quiet and the main part of the crowd had left (there were probably 200 people there at the height of the rally and signs were distributed that said "Israel is not Olmert's Real Estate"/ "Condoleezza Rice Go Home",and the like). It was obvious that the police knew that had more people been present there would have been stiff opposition to their even approaching Nadia who was just sitting and not doing anything.

There were about a dozen police there and suddenly the heavyset one charged into the group and directed others to take Nadia. She was dragged by 4 of them -two held her legs and two her arms - and another woman who tried to protect her was also taken into custody. Both were practically thrown into a van with others following and trying to prevent this - to no avail. There was no effort to protect their modesty; Nadia's cap also fell off. While trying to take hold of her, the police had pushed other people around without a care.

I had never seen this kind of police violence - although I had heard of it. A man in the group had a van and a bunch of us piled into it and went to the police station in Talpiot. We had all been witness to this and wanted to be sure that Nadia and Michelle (?) were ok. The police did not let us see them and we finally went to a waiting room. Originally, we had been told that they would be kept only for an hour - to be investigated but it was much longer. Finally, Nadia's lawyer, Ephraim Katsir, arrived, and we had a chance to speak with him, too. He spoke to some of the police and kept us apprised of what was happening.

A bit later, Ephraim told us that Nadia and Michelle were going to be held overnight. While we were waiting a letter had been composed - complaining about the police violence. Several people signed. We left after Ephraim told us that there would probably be a court hearing tomorrow - Thursday. Someone undertook to let us know if it will take place for sure.

I do not know what to do with these facts. Just wanted to record them and let you know. Meanwhile, a short distance from our rally, Ehud Olmert and Condoleezza Rice were meeting; Peace Now was permitted to stand just outside the barriers of the PM's home - no doubt Rice could see those who support Olmert. Interesting to me was the fact that Hezbollah can have open rallies in the US and make all kinds of threats - but freedom of speech is not permitted in Israel.

Justice, justice shall you pursue. Nonsense!! This arrest was nothing less than a political obscenity.




Arutz 7 gets it up:

Published: 09/20/07, 1:50 PM
Nadia Matar Arrested After Peaceful Protest

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