Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Columbia U. and George Lincoln Rockwell

Over here, in a wrap-up of the demo outside Columbia University, you can see a member of my former synagogue in Queens, now known as the Young Israel of Holliswood, Awi Federgruen. If you're too tired to pop over there, okay, here's the picture:-

Anyway, in December 1965, George Lincoln Rockwell was scheduled to speak at Columbia and in addition to Youth Against War & Facism, a Communist front-group, all the Zionist youth groups and movements were out in force.

Betar planned something special. Basically, we were going to end Rockwell's life on the stage of the hall. A diversion was fixed in the form of cherrybombs while on the other side of the stage, in a bathroom, about eight of us were to be waiting so that we could take advantage of the pandemonium. We even practiced a day before in the stalls, changing around the seating arrangements, two to a stall, so that anyone checking would see different pants in different stalls. Someone was to extinguish the electricity, another 3-4 were to physically attack the Nazi and at least I was one who was supposed to protect the inner circle from attempted police attacks. I was 18 at the time and so while I still think we were right, at least I can always say "there's a youthful experience for you".

As luck would have it, someone we never knew phoned in a bomb threat while we were on the way from the Manhattan Moadon by bus. The campus was shut down and even an attempt by us to enter the grounds through the underground passageways failed (with me and BR just avoiding arrest due a very quick retreat).

Betarim never giving up, we got in through the Morningside Drive entrance, attempted to rush the side entrance to the hall but were rebuffed by New York's finest. Eli Solomon was thrown to the ground and stayed there long enough for a reporter to ask him what he was doing on the ground in a snow bank and he replied: "I am representing my Jewish brethren killed in the Holocaust".

Oh, we never accomplished our mission as the Nazi was arrested trying to crossover the George Washingston Bridge.

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mnuez said...

I once seriously considered using my Neturei Karta connections to get close enough to Arafat to "end his life on the stage of the hall" (strategic ambiguity, eh?). Believe it or not, it was mostly the unfortunate qualities of laziness and procrastination that got in the way of my doing the hard research work that would be required to be able to pull this off and remain undetected. Of course it's altogether possible that all the research in the world would have demonstrated that it was an impossible mission (in which case I was not planning to go through with it so as to sacrifice my life like Samson) but I did Seriously consider it at one point in my life.

For the record, I've said for years that the day that Arafat dies in any manner other than at the hands of Jews would be a tragic day. That Jews with the ability to do so would NOT kill a mass-murderer of Jews such as Arafat - the Greatest murderer of Jews since 1945 - would be a Chilul Hashem of Olympian proportions.

In retrospect that doesn't seem to be so true - but only because we've becomes so USED TO the wimpy and cringing state within which Jewishness currently lives.

Anyhow, Hapam Haba'ah.