Sunday, September 23, 2007

Here We Go Again

I smell a police state warming itself up.

(picture by Gemma Blech)

...There I was, sitting on the stone bench, discussing the issue with the lawyer, surrounded by friends - but the police obviously had no patience to wait till I finish my phone call. I heard him shout: Nadia, come with me right now otherwise you will be responsible for the violence that will happen here! Immediately after saying that, policemen started violently beating the women who were surrounding me to push their way through to get me. It was unbearable to see how they had no qualms beating and hitting older women and men. When they reached me they grabbed my arms and my legs, lifted me up like a sack of potatoes, shlepped me to the van in the most immodest way and threw me in the van. Being a religious woman I cover my head with a cap. In this violent commotion, my cap fell off so when I was in the van I raised myself, stuck my head out of the van and demanded to get my cap back. The policeman who was the driver barked at me saying: sit down right now. Another policewoman shouted: sit down right now or I will close the door on your head. I told them: I will not sit down till you give me my hat. To no avail.

The driver policeman, whose name I found out later is Avi Nissan #1114214, then grabbed my right wrist and twisted it in the most painful and violent way. The pain shot through my body. I was unable to stand and was thrown down on the seat-the door of the van shut. Then Michal Shofet, longtime Women in Green activist was pushed into the van too. I asked her why they arrested her. She told me that she was outside and witnessed the most brutal police behavior. When she saw that one woman had been pushed to the floor and looked as if she was fainting, she started shouting at the policeman demanding he stop hitting. That is when he grabbed her and pushed her into the van.She said that her arm was really hurting. When I told her how upset was that I had no head covering, she gave me her orange scarf.

...I want to thank all our dear family members, friends and supporters who came and gave us chizuk (strength). You guys are great. A special thanks to Honenu and Attorney Ephraim Katzir...

One thing is for sure. If the Olmert government thinks they scared us with their violent Bolshevik behavior, the exact opposite is the truth. We realize that we have touched a sensitive nerve. No arrests nor beatings will stop us. We will continue to fight for the Land, the People and the Torah of Israel. And if it is a crime to love the Land of Israel, then it is our honor to be arrested for such a "crime"!!

With Love of Israel,

Nadia Matar

P.S. Here is a link to the Arutz 7 article with video clips of the vigil:

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