Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Let's Turn the Tables

Here's a pro-Pal. appeal.

You know what, use the e mails at the end and turn the tables on them. Write to express how supportive you are of the Festival's action against the anti-Israel people.

Bassemah Darwish, a member of the jury of the San Diego Women's Film Festival and fellow jury members, but in particular the Film Festival director, Jennifer Hsu are under severe pressure and attack by Israeli lobby groups and supporters in the US because they voted to observe an Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel within the festival.

We could help them if we send short letters to the Festival's board of directors (listed below with contact details) explaining why the Boycott of Israeli films in the festival is justified (give links to supporting documentation) and why they should reconsider their position of firing Jennifer as the Film Festival director.

If anyone of you know Israeli activists who support the Boycott campaign, please pass on this message and ask them to do the same


Again, just turn this around and protest their activities and reject theri boycott attempts.

Write to:

San Diego Women Film Foundation Board of Directors:

Yvonne Silva
Multicultural Events Coordinator for The San Diego Union-Tribune
(619) 293-2605
yvonne.silva@ uniontrib. com

Amy Berry
Community Relations Manager for Cox Communications
(619) 266-5286
amy.berry@cox. net

Renee Herrell
Founder of San Diego Women Film Foundation, Nonprofit Fundraising Consultant
(619) 688-9498
renee@reneeherrell. com

Carrie Shields
Public relations manager for Bailey Gardiner (BG)
(619-295-8232 x108)
carrie@baileygardin er.com

Shannon O'Connor
shannon720@gmail. com

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