Sunday, September 16, 2007


I know that the Jewish religion can be confusing to many what with Orthodox, Modern Orthodox, Ultra-Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist and all, not to mention Hassidic sects and Kabbalh.

Jewish politics is confusing.

But to me, this is really confusing:-

Offer to quit in India gods row

India's culture minister has offered to resign in a row over whether Hindu gods are mythological figures.

Minister Ambika Soni said she would quit if asked to by the prime minister.

She also confirmed that two directors of the Archaeological Survey of India, which prepared the court affidavit, had been suspended.

Hindu devotees believe the area between India and Sri Lanka - now known as Adam's Bridge - was built millions of years ago by Lord Ram, supported by an army of monkeys.

But scientists and archaeologists say Adam's Bridge, or Ram Setu, is a natural formation of sand and stones.

On Wednesday the Archaeological Survey of India told the Supreme Court that the religious texts were not evidence that Lord Ram ever existed.

Hardline Hindu opponents of the government accused the administration of blasphemy and protesters carried out demonstrations in the area and in Delhi, Bhopal, and on a number of key highways.

The next day the report was withdrawn.

Forget about the monkeys, I can't figure out what the report was about.

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