Sunday, July 29, 2018

Zionism, Ms. Rose, Evolved From Gaza

I once worked with, or for, Jacqueline Rose. 

Not in the for-pay sense.  I read through a long review essay she composed on a novel Ze'ev Jabotinsky wrote, after we met and discussed matters at my first Limmud. Sorry, can't find that text now. I have also commented on her forays against Zionism.

In an interview with her now, I caught this

She has also written extensively – attracting some criticism – about the history and nature of Jewish nationalism, using the techniques of psychoanalysis to call for it to confront its fractured psyche. “You can feel her pain throbbing through these essays,” wrote the late Peter Preston in a review of her 2007 book The Last Resistance, which sought to track the evolution of Zionism to modern day Gaza.

Let me be concise reacting to this

the evolution of Zionism to modern day Gaza

Zionism, in part, evolved from ancient and pre-modern Gaza. 

In 2005, Israel destroyed Jewish post-1967 Gaza.

That brought us a continuous rain of rockets and mortars.And terror tunnels.

In 1948, the Jewish kibbutz Kfar Gaza was destroyed by invading Egyptian troops.

That brought us the fedayeen and constant, daily terror all throughout the 1950s.

In 1929, the small Jewish community in Gaza City was chased out by the Mufti's terror gangs in an act of ethnic cleansing.

In 1662, Shabbtai Tzvi had himself pronounced Messiah in the sizable and important Torah center that was Gaza.

In the late 16th century, Israel Najara composed the Shabbat hymns we sing at our table in Gaza.

Jews lived in Gaza in the Ottoman period, the Crusader period, the Early Arab period, Byzantine period and all the way back in time to the Talmudic and Biblical period

I  repeat: Zionism evolved from Gaza.

And from Judea.

And from Samaria.


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