Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Marisa Papin, The Muslim Version

Here's how the photo-shoot was reported in the Al-Bawaba Arab-language media outlet:

In a provocative act against Muslim sentiments, a Belgian tourist and model published naked photographs of her in front of the Al-Buraq Wall in the occupied Arab city of Jerusalem.

Marisa Babin Papen [Arabic-speakers have trouble pronouncing "P", which is why "Palestine" is "Filastin"] said she chose the holy site "to break the walls" and that she came to Israel to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the "establishment of an Israeli state." The controversial photographs were taken on the opening day of the US embassy in Jerusalem five weeks ago.

She was filmed naked on a plastic chair on the roof of a house in the Old City of Jerusalem, overlooking the western wall, with the Al Buraq Wall Square.

That reporting is a naked act of stripping Jews and Judaism of our national and religious identity.

BTW, the print of the original is going now for 25,000 Euro. (NSFW)


I forgot this event:

A mentally-ill woman was arrested Sunday after she stripped naked in the Western Wall plaza in broad daylight and walked around the site nude.  Visitors and worshipers were shocked at the sight of a young woman walking around the plaza completely naked.

Last June.

And this:

her mother said the spectacle was the result of mental illness, not a provocative political statement,

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