Monday, July 16, 2018

Jabotinsky as a "Celeb"

Ze'ev Jabotinsky made Aliyah in October 1926, after visiting the country first in 1908 and then residing in it, first as an officer in the Jewish Legion, March 1918-July 1919, and then as an official of the Zionist Commission and head of the Hagana in Jerusalem (and, curtesy of the British, residency in Acre Prison).

Here is how he was received in Jerusalem:

By the way, that Goldsmit House was owned by Avraham Tzvi Goldsmit, son of Yaakov Yosef Goldsmit of Amsterdam who arrived in Jerusalem in 1866 and was a cloth merchant.

Soldiers of the Irgun blew it up on March 1, 1947 as it was the Officers' Club residence of the British Army.

Credit: Jabotinsky Institute

Here's official stationary:


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