Monday, July 02, 2018

The Arab of Palestine Transformed into A Jew

I have become convinced that rational and logical political thought and discourse is nigh useless when engaging the new generation of non- or anti-Zionists who disguise their discomfort and uneasiness at being too overly identified with Israel, Jewish particularism even of a secular cultural character and the responsibilities the Jewish state must assume in order to protect its existence and preserve the security of its citizens which means, foremost of all, the use of power and deadly force, if required.

The frustration at discovering that they do not know history or historical development, the simple facts nor do they care that how those are manipulated and misrepresented is confounding.  They publicize themselves as cerebral and intellectual but it appears they know they cannot truly argue the issues and mostly ignore interaction with opposing viewpoints.

Or, they go off on weird tangents, like baking a Vegan Anti-Zionist Sweet Potato Challah together with a statement of how one is to educate children:

JVP's September 2017 manifesto is quite clear:

As young Jews, we recognize that Israel is not our birthright

One could be forgiven for thinking, well, maybe Israel is not their birthright because their Judaism is lacking all its many levels of culture, history, religion and national identity.  Redefine Judaism and it can become anything.  Ask the Bundists, the American Council for Judaism, Satmar or the pre-1930s Reform Movement or the pre-1950s American Jewish Committee.

And so, to free themselves from these encumbrances, to become fashionably "liberated", these youth reverse and twist reality and create the "Arab Palestinian-cum-Jew".

They point an accusing finger at Israel, removing themselves from the matrix, distancing themselves from being seen as an "Israeli" or "Israeli supporter", and apply to the Arabs referred to as "Palestinians" the framework of being the "Jew". Awkwardly, they then can promote themselves as pro-Semites.

Israel is the "Jew-hater". Israel aligns itself with anti-Semites (Hungary; Trump).

It is as simple as it is simplistic.



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