Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Murder of a Woman in March 1948 in Jerusalem

While browsing through the Jewish Historical Press website, searching for some items, my eye caught this incident from late March 1948:

This version of events leaves us only one clue why would her brother commit murder and kill her.

Her shaven head.  In Paris, women considered collaborators suffered that ignominy

I expanded my search.  Here is the HaTzofe account, misspelling her name:

It adds that during her forced detention, she had been interrogated by "one of the underground organizations". They wanted to know details of her connections with Arabs and British soldiers".

Davar, the Histadrut newspaper, adds that she was one of eight women who had been abducted and held by the Lechi.  It is claimed that her relationships with Arabs was well-known.  A few weeks earlier she had injured her foot falling from a British military vehicle. She had requested not to be brought to Hadassah hospital for treatment as it was too "Jewish".

According to this account, her brother had referred to her as a whore who had dishonored the family.

In that connection, I think I once posted about the activities earlier on, during World War II, of Hareidi active opposition to Jewish women dating Allied soldiers.  The group, a spin-off a Neturei Krta, was called Bnei Pinchas.

I found a reference from 1943

and then later, of them threatening to burn down someone's residency, perhaps a bordello:

and there was a suggestion to ban them and confine them to Tzfat:


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