Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Did YACHAD Adopt the Term "Communities"?

Here's the itinerary for a trip organized by the UK YACHAD two-state solution group, found by clicking on the word "debate" here:

Yachad Trip to Israel and the West Bank

Nov 11 – Nov 15 all-day

Take part in a four-day study tour to Israel and the West Bank with Yachad 
from Sunday 11th – Thursday 15th November.

The purpose of our bespoke trips is to provide those that participate 
with up-to-date information and access to people and places that 
you would not normally be able to visit, deepening 
British Jewry’s understanding of the conflict.

By participating in one of our trips you will gain detailed knowledge and insight 
into the conflict and the reality on the ground. This information is essential 
in helping to create a more informed debate within the Anglo-Jewish community. 
The trip will include:

Meetings with politicians and diplomats
Visiting the military courts in the West Bank
Visiting Palestinian villages and communities in the West Bank
Trip to the southern border with Gaza
Meeting IDF spokespeople
Visiting East Jerusalem

Or am I mistaken and those "communities" are also "Palestinian", aka Arab?

Of course, if the trip had been organized, say, in 1938 by British Jews supporting the efforts of Peace Now, sorry, Brit Shalom, then "Palestinian" would have referred to Jews anyway.

The vagaries of the conflict Jews of the Diaspora have with the national homeland of the Jewish People.


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