Sunday, July 08, 2018

A Mosque - By Rabbinical Seal of Approval

At the end of a press release condemning the decision to permit Israeli MKs visit the Temple Mount

وختم البيان بالتأكيد على أن المسجد الأقصى المبارك مسجد إسلامي بقرار رباني 

And that translates as:

The statement concluded by stressing that Al-Aqsa mosque is an Islamic mosque by a rabbinic decree

Arab MKs have been using the opposition of the Chief Rabbinate to entrance into the compound for years but to have a rabbinical seal of approval that the site itself is a mosque?

The release (slightly edited to brevity):

Religious authorities in the occupied city of Jerusalem issued a statement on Saturday, confirming that there is no authority for Netanyahu to interfere in the affairs of Jerusalem.
The statement said: "We in the Supreme Islamic Commission, the Council of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and Holy Sites, and the House of Ifta Palestinian, and the circle of the Chief Justice in Jerusalem, and the Department of Islamic Waqf and the affairs of Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem,
First: The administration of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque is entrusted to Muslims alone, and represented by the Islamic Endowments Department in Jerusalem, which has jurisdiction and authority.
Second: The Prime Minister of the occupation can not issue a decision to allow ministers and deputies to enter the blessed Aqsa Mosque...his irresponsible decision is null and void.
Thirdly, we hold Netanyahu fully responsible for any tension in Al-Aqsa Mosque or in Jerusalem as a result of his irresponsible decision.
Fourthly, we affirm again and again that the Haram is for Muslims alone, and that any aggression or violation by the occupation authorities against al-Aqsa will not gain them any right in it.
Fifth: We reiterate the repeated and previous demand that the key to the Mugrabi Gate, which has been occupied by the occupation army since 1967, be reinstated.


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