Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Amanapour: Netanyahu is Trump's "Director"

Yesterday, after catching CNN's Christiane Amanpour's interview with Ben Rhodes, I tweeted this:

@camanpour on @cnni chooses anti-semitic trope, asking @brhodes if @netanyahu "directs US MidEast policy". Rhodes chooses "drives".And later adds "Is Bibi egging on Trump" re: Putin and Syria and Rhodes adds "Ukraine".

From the transcript:-

AMANPOUR: You know President Obama didn't have a very good personal relationship with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Now Prime Minister Netanyahu is thrilled to bits because he thinks he has his...


AMANPOUR: in the White House. Do you see this Middle East policy being directed by the Israeli Prime Minister?

RHODES: I think the two most important people in American Middle East policy are Mohammad bin Salman and Bibi Netanyahu. I...

AMANPOUR: The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia?

RHODES: The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and the Prime Minister of Israel. I think they are driving this.

And later, there is this (edited for length):-

AMANPOUR: You just mentioned President Putin. The next big meeting is going to be between President Trump and President Putin...There's all sorts of expectations...One of them suggest that President Trump, egged on by Bibi Netanyahu and the Saudis, are going to try to ask Putin to get Iran out of Syria in return for America allowing Assad to stay in place. 

...RHODES: Yes. Yes. And potentially, some recognition of Crimea .

AMANPOUR: Recognition of Crimea as well. 

I erred on "Ukraine".  But that's all.


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Anonymous said...

Her bias is just appalling. She dances around the outright anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, but barely.

I have no idea of why anyone with a brain would take her seriously.