Sunday, July 29, 2018

JVP Supporting Terror

Gaza incendiary kites are terror.

They have burned thousands of dunams in hundreds of fires.

There is the danger they will set alight a children's kindergarten or a residential home or land at an industrial park with much inflammable material.

They have been copied and sent into Jerusalem.

Many of them now also carry explosives.

And here is the ad of Jewish Voice for Peace in the Nation:

Dear Rivka Rebekkah V.:

a.  To free Gaza, remove the Hamas regime.

b.  Incendiary kites are terror.  They are violent.  Their fire and explosives can kill.

c. Trying to destroy a security fence, cross a border and invade another country with the purpose of committing mayhem and murder, is not a popular protest.

d. Israel's security requirements, the result of Gaza's continued terror actions including tunnels and rocket and sniping, is quite justified.

You and JVP are not being "just", not applying "equality" and are quite "undignified".


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Why is the Shin Bet trying to frame Pearlman? Pe said...

Yisrael, I'm in total agreement with you. Groups as the JVP and similar misinformed, dishonest, misguided, destructive anti-Israel organizations must be exposed for what they are.