Thursday, July 26, 2018

My Guess on the Firing of Avi Katz, Caricaturist

One story is here.

The reason for the discontinuing of caricaturist Avi Katz's free-lance employment is

 depiction of Israeli Jewish leaders as pigs

Same here

A veteran Israeli cartoonist was cut loose on Tuesday from the magazine he worked at for nearly three decades over an illustration portraying Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Likud lawmakers as pigs

Another variation:

Mocking celebration of nation-state law, cartoonist Avi Katz depicted Netanyahu as a pig

And it becomes an issue of free speech, as if the Report doesn't have the freedom to employ who it thinks represents the values of its magazine:

Avi Katz’s controversial illustration depicting prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other politicians as pigs defended on freedom of speech grounds

The cartoon:

Okay, it would have been better if he had added some other of the barn animals, you know, for diversity, even if the pigs rule:

But if I had to guess, it was the message

(Note: reproduction for journalistic purposes only)

To interpret the law as discriminatory or as relegating one section of the populace above or below another is simply wrong. The law restated elements of the Declaration of independence and incorporated them as legislation in the form of a Basic Law.

Nothing new intrinsically was done.

Mr. Katz, in my estimation, perverted reality. He did not engage in satire but in false propaganda.

But that's just my guess.


Haaretz now informs us a

similar caricature published over 30 years ago did not stir the same sort of scandal. That caricature was the work of Israel Prize laureate Yisrael Zeev and was published by Haaretz in May 1980 under the headline "Arik's Animal Farm."


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