Monday, July 06, 2009

Shiloh Bloc Pictures

Upon the occasion of the visit of a doctoral student, my friend Yona Tzoref drove us around the Shiloh Bloc to see the views. From Shiloh we drove north to Eli and then on east over to Keidah's former radar installation base, now abandoned.

A few of the views:

Highway #60 from the north with Shiloh Junction at center-left, and Turmos-Aya in background with hills of Baal-Hatzor on the horizon

Tel Shiloh and the lower Shiloh neighborhoods from Eli in the north

Looking at Highway #60 with Eli to the right, its gas station in the middle, and Maaleh Levona upper left in the distance

Givat Harel, just west of Highway #60 between Shiloh and Eli and Givat HaRoeh caravans on the next hilltop behind

A-Essawiya village west of Eli

Duma village just east of the Allon Road and the Sartaba Peak in the background

Keidah (to the right) and Adei-Ad in the distance, south of former Keida radar installation

Some of the thousands of vines growing in the area, all a result of Jewish agricultural enterprise

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