Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Position To Ponder

The position of Jeffrey Goldberg:

Do I agree with Obama that Jews should be forbidden to build in certain areas of Jerusalem? My Judaism will survive my inability to live in the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem (which, last time I checked, have no particular holy significance for Jews). What matters in Jerusalem is the Temple Mount. Everything else is commentary...

But what does matter to you about the Temple Mount, Jeffrey?

Today, before any suggested alternative plan is adopted or even discussed, a Jew cannot openly pray on the Temple Mount, he cannot identify himself too overtly as a Jew, cannot read a religious text there, say Lamentations, for example, on this coming Thursday to mark its destruction on Tisha B'Av, cannot prevent Muslims from destroying Jewish historical, cultural and archeological artifacts found there, cannot stop Muslim construction, cannot conduct a scientific dig there and a few other things all the while as Arab kids play soccer there, families picnic there, etc.

What could be worse, not quantitatively but qualitatively?

And what should the proper framework of respect for the Temple Mount be?


Yacov said...

Too true!
Unfortunately there is no back bone in the Knesset
The hucksterism goes on and on and only troubles will wake them up

yatesspain.blogspot.com said...

Thanks for the post, pretty worthwhile info.