Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wall Posters

Hadassah has lost the public's faith:

National Service or any work for the army prohibited:

Food products with immodest pictures on the wrappings are a no-no (*):


Now just in case you think this a bit ridiculous and obscurantist Judaism, read on:

Winery's Nude Nymph Causes State Ban Winery says they will not be changing its label

Mon, Jul 27, 2009

For some wine lovers a nude nymph is artistic expression while for others it is offensive trash. A wine label showing a nude nymph is too much for Alabama's liquor control agency, which has told restaurants and stores not to sell the product.

The label on Cycles Gladiator wine, produced by Hahn Family Wines in Soledad, Calif., shows a vintage 1895 advertising poster for Cycles Gladiator bicycles. The French poster features a nude nymph flying beside a winged bicycle.

Bob Martin, staff attorney for the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, said the board's license bureau rejected the label last year as inappropriate for sale in the state. Early this month, a citizen sent a bottle of the wine to the board's enforcement bureau to show it was being sold in stores, he said.

The board then sent a letter to stores and restaurants reminding them that sale of the product is prohibited, he said Friday.

Alabama's liquor regulations prohibit labels with "a person posed in an immoral or sensuous manner," Martin said.

Hahn President Bill Leigon said Friday the company had been selling its product in Alabama since 2006 until it ran into problems with the label. "It is not pornographic," he said.

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