Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Undergoing Harrassment

Condi Rice, the former Secretary of State of the US, was wont to complain about Israeli harassment of local indigenous Arabs and point to roadblocks as a major cause.

Well, I was harassed today.


I left Shiloh just after 8AM in a car driven by my neighbor to get to Jerusalem for a conference aat the Knesset.

At the junction of Turmos Aya, Sinjil, Highway 60 and the road leading off to Maaleh Levona, two army jeeps and some soldiers on the road were blocking everything. We were caught up to quarter of an hour for apparently no real reason as they really didn't seem to be checking thoroughly.

Here are two clips and some pictures - but keep in mind, no apartheid roads. You can see by the license plates that both Jew and Arab are in this together:

1) approaching the junction (Turmos at left; Sinjil ahead; Maaleh Levona to the right) -

2) it begins to crowd up -

3) free-for-all who can get ahead of whom -

The two clips:

(The voice you here is my neighbor talking on his mobile. Notice that almost all the cars coming from the south
in the opposite lane were with PA license plates)


Martijn said...

This is what Palestinians are experiencing on a daily base since several years now. Feel lucky you could actually pass through without being sent back, interrogated, body-checked, humiliated or injured for no reason. Also, feel lucky you could stay in the car, and didn't have to stand in a chaotic queu for several hours.

YMedad said...

Well, since I haven't killed any Arab just because they are an Arab, wounded or injured any not have any of my family done so nor have we collectively ever engaged in senseless, mindless, religious terror and violence nor have been in jail for same, why should I expect to suffer such harassment?

Martijn said...

Replace 'Arab' by 'Jew' and you get the viewpoint of the majority of the Palestinian population.