Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two Reasons To Reconsider Attending Leonard Cohen's Israel Concert

After the Pals. refused his offer to appear in Ramallah,

Internationally-renowned artist Leonard Cohen will not be performing in Ramallah as planned. The 74-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter has had his concert in Ramallah canceled in a development viewed as a small victory by groups calling to boycott Israel.

Pro-Palestinian activists said Cohen was not welcome in Ramallah as long as he insisted on performing in Tel Aviv, where a concert is planned for September 24.

The Palestinian Prisoners' Club, which was organizing the event, decided to cancel the concert because it was becoming too politicized, but the club insisted it did not bow to pressure from boycott organizations.

we now read this:

The official Leonard Cohen forum announced it will start selling tickets for the singer's Tel Aviv concert this coming Friday, July 31. The sale, which is offered only to registered members of the forum, will last until Saturday evening...According to the message, all the proceeds from the September 24 concert in Ramat Gan Stadium, titled "A concert for Reconciliation, Tolerance and Peace“, will go towards a newly-established foundation to benefit Israeli and Palestinian organizations working for reconciliation.

So, the tickets will be bought via chillul shabbat, desecrating of the Sabbath and the monies will go to some sort of peace group which will be, no doubt, dominated by our progressive liberal cultural elites.

Not very inviting.



Tickets for Leonard Cohen¹s September 24 concert in Ramat Gan Stadium will go on sale Saturday night...Ticket prices will range from NIS 350 to NIS 1,200...

As reported exclusively in The Jerusalem Post, Cohen will be donating his proceeds from the concert to an Amnesty International-administered fund which will funnel the money to Israeli and Palestinian organizations that are working toward conciliation.

The initial recipients of the funds will be the
Parents Circle - Family Forum, the Peres Center for Peace Children¹s Medical Program, and Combatants for Peace, an organization which attempts to bring together IDF veterans and Palestinian terrorists who have renounced their ways.

The Palestinian Happy Child Center, a developmental center that works with special-needs children in Ramallah, has been vetted as another recipient but has not yet confirmed its participation.

Well, chillul Shabbat (Desecration of Shabbat) is out but the list of those NGOs is way too left for anybody with a modicum of Jewish self-respect.

What about Terror Victims' groups?

And as for the prices...


Anonymous said...

Then don't go.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you are lucky a cheaper more right wing artist may play in Tel Aviv soon.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think Cohen has pondered on these things over the past 7 decades?

Give the man the respect he deserves. Best you stay away - sounds like you're too reactionary to enjoy or understand where he is coming from anyway. Leave the ticket to someone who will appreciate it. I sam him in Belfast in July - magnificent.