Thursday, July 30, 2009

And This Happened Where?

AP reports:

Security forces hunted door-to-door for Islamic militants in ______________ on Thursday after storming the compound of a radical sect and killing more than 100 people.

A top rights group said the government forces had killed bystanders and other civilians. A military spokesman denied the charge and said it was impossible for rights workers to tell who was a civilian and who was a member of the _____________, which the government blames for instigating days of violence in the mostly Muslim region.

The government warned people to evacuate the area, then shelled and stormed the group's mosque and headquarters Wednesday night, setting off a raging firefight with retreating militants armed with homemade hunting rifles, firebombs, bows and arrows, machetes and scimitars.

An AP reporter saw soldiers shoot their way into the mosque under fire and then rake those inside with gunshots. The reporter later counted about 50 bodies inside the building and another 50 in the courtyard outside.

Okay, relax, it wasn't anywhere near Israel or that Israeli troops were involved.


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