Sunday, July 26, 2009

Picture Quiz

What caught my eye in this photograph that caused me to post it?


And, the answer is:

A new road.

An apartheid road that only Arabs can use.

A road connecting Silwad down to Turmos-Aya / Hirbet Abu-Falah.


karenshoutsmaranatha! said...

Having such limited knowledge as a beginning scholar, I will have to admit ignorance Yisrael. However, I am very curious for the answer please.

YMedad said...

Not so fast. Let's give others a chance. Tomorrow, if no answer, the first hint.

karenshoutsmaranatha! said...

Lol, agreed. I will eagerly await your hint.

yoni said...

prep for new arab building/road?

YMedad said...

close, Yoni