Sunday, April 26, 2009

Religiously Motivated

Religiously motivated, many people become monks, nuns, recluses, delusional, prophetic, observant, humanistic, etc.

And others?

Read on:-

Israeli authorities said Sunday they have caught a Palestinian man who killed an Israeli child and wounded another during a rampage in a West Bank settlement early this month. Authorities said Moussa Tayet, 26, confessed to the killing and handed over a knife used in the attack.

The assailant attacked a group of children in the Bat Ayin settlement with the knife and a pickax on April 2. A 13-year-old boy was killed, a 7-year-old was seriously wounded and a third boy escaped. The attacker fled the scene, leaving behind the small, red pickax.

Israeli military and police officials said Tayet was from a village next to the settlement...he meticulously planned the attack for weeks, picking up the weapons from a hiding place as he entered the settlement. They said he told investigators that the attack was religiously motivated.

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