Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Book (in Hebrew) Out

My good friend, Emily Amrusy,

former Channel 10 TV reporter, columnist for Ma'ariv and spokesperson for the Yesha Council, just published a new book, her first.

It's called "Tris" which is the term for the hard plastic roll-down window blinds that are ubiquitous all over Israel.

The cover:

And the plot outline:

Na'ama lives across the Green Line in one of those red-roofed Jewish communities where life, it would seem, proceeds along in a quiet pace but under the surface exist anxious concerns and on the other side of the fence is an Arab village.

Na'ama begins to feel that, instead of her normal full-of-life character, she is a grey shadow of herself, exhausted and attempts to comprehend what is causing the weakness that has overcome her. She discovers that her female neighbors share the same feelings. She initiates a surprising shared communitas which upsets the village, tears off masks but brings in its wake an unexpected grace.

The book is courageous, genuine and full of humor on feminine solidarity the crosses borders. It provides a riveting insight into the conntemporary society in Yesha as well as the behind-the-scenes emotions in a location that is at one and the same time at our doorstep and across the hills.

You will buy a copy, yes?

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