Wednesday, April 22, 2009

'Judaizing' Jerusalem

Found here:

A press conference on Tuesday held in a protest tent that has been erected at the site centered around what many of the speakers decried as Israeli "ethnic cleansing" of east Jerusalem's Palestinians and "violations of international law."

"The Israeli government is carrying out an ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people in east Jerusalem," said Mairead Maguire, a Nobel Peace Laureate from Ireland who told the crowd of around 50 journalists and Silwan residents that she was there to support the residents' struggle.

"If this was happening in any other country in the world, the international community would be up in arms...It's a Judaization of the area."

Ms. Maguire should know that 'Judaizing Jerusalem' is like bringing coals to Newcastel or, pardon the flip, bringing Irish Cream to Dublin or guns to Belfast.

No one is cleansing no one. There is more than enough room to build houses in Jerusalem, in areas zoned and properly approved.

The struggle should be to expand those areas into places where historical, cultural, religious and archeological elements are not harmed.


Kae Gregory said...

I read the whole post, but as far as the title goes - I'm all for it.

YMedad said...

Yay Kae!

Unknown said...

"Judaizing" Jerusalem... And what was it called when the Islamic population was destroying, by the truck loads, centuries of evidence attesting to the Jewish presence in the extent the outer wall of the Temple Mount was compromised and in peril? The hypocracy...the double standard...appalling!