Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why Hamas Isn't A Partner for Peace And Should Not Be Spoken To/With

PMW reports (it's not as yet up at their site; I received a notice. they seem to be slow about that):

A Hamas cleric who once participated in an international conference of "Imams and Rabbis for Peace" -- whose delegates vowed to "condemn any negative representation" of each other's religions -- has wholeheartedly espoused Hamas's racist ideology in a recent Friday sermon on Hamas TV.

...He asserts that because of the Jews' inherent evil, the Jewish state, "Israel ... is a cancer that wants to rule the world." One can find the details of the Jews' plan in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which he jokingly refers to as "The Protocols of the Imbeciles of Zion" (a play on words in Arabic). He concludes that the Jews are destined to be annihilated.

He also claims that the Jews wanted to murder Muhammad.

This imam, who is preaching the genocide of Jews, participated in the Second World Congress of Imams and Rabbis for Peace in 2006, which also featured many prominent rabbis from Israel. The final statement from the Seville conference included the pronouncement, ". . . We condemn any negative representation of these [religious beliefs and symbols], let alone any desecration, Heaven forbid. Similarly, we condemn any incitement against a faith or people, let alone any call for their elimination, and we urge authorities to do likewise."

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The following is the text of the Hamas sermon calling for the extermination of Jews:

"Who is it that is leading the world today in the vicious, all-encompassing war against Islam and Muslims? The answer is clear: it is the Jewish nation. It is the Jews who today are leading the all-encompassing war against Muslims...

We, the Muslims, know the nature of Jews the best, because the Holy Quran taught us. The prophetic traditions explained at length to Muslims the true nature of Jews... Their war and their hatred for Muhammad and Islam is in their souls, they are naturally disposed to it.

Israel today lives in the heart of Arab-Muslim territory, and it is a cancer that wants to rule the world...The Jews want to destroy every inch ... Perhaps their famous book, which they deny [its authenticity] - known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, but we call it, "The Protocols of the imbeciles of Zion"...The time will come, by the will of Allah, when their property will be destroyed and their children will be exterminated, and no Jew or Zionist will be left on the face of this earth."


g said...

"Israel ... is a cancer that wants to rule the world.""

In Radyshevsky book that you recommended on this blog earlier in January

"The new, universal Zionism must liberate not only the Jewish nation, but the entire world- liberate them from the catastrophic alienation between the God and the State...."
etc etc etc.
There are lots of outrageous statements like this in that book, so the Hamas statement is not baseless, not without reason.

"Who is it that is leading the world today in the vicious, all-encompassing war against Islam and Muslims?"

You do! And with US with its ficticious "war on terror" second.

"Israel today lives in the heart of Arab-Muslim territory, and it is a cancer that wants to rule the world...The Jews want to destroy every inch ... "

From Radyshevsky:

"This is exactly why Israel must retain control over the entire Holy Land. Israel's mission is to transmit a new consciousness to humankind. The transmitter must remain intact – the Holy Land in toto, preserved in its perfect state for His people for just that reason: Eretz Israel is the projection of the Jewish national spirit onto Earth. Every part of the Land is associated with a particular spiritual quality of the Jewish nation."

So is not speaking really a way to go? Or could Israel perhaps realize where Hamas is coming from and reconcile its differences peacefully, diplomatically.

YMedad said...

Do this exercise: draw up a list of say 10 locations of historical significance in the Land of Israel/Palestine and then try to compare between them and the heritage, religion and history of the Jewish connection to that site and then the Arab/Muslim connection.

Let me know the results.

g said...

I guess with your "exercise" you are admitting that Zionists claim the whole land for themselves.

Why are you blaming Palestinians and Hamas then for protecting their homes and gardens and their families?

YMedad said...

The background: "The San Remo Conference decided on April 24, 1920 to assign the Mandate [for Palestine] under the League of Nations to Britain. The terms of the Mandate were also discussed with the United States which was not a member of the League. An agreed text was confirmed by the Council of the League of Nations on July 24, 1922, and it came into operation in September 1923."

YMedad said...

yes, i do claim the right of political sovereignty and that in accordance with the international judicial decisions that;

"Whereas the Principal Allied Powers have also agreed that the Mandatory should be responsible for putting into effect the declaration originally made on November 2nd, 1917, by the Government of His Britannic Majesty, and adopted by the said Powers, in favour of the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, it being clearly understood that nothing should be done which might prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country; and

Whereas recognition has thereby been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country;...

Article 2

The Mandatory shall be responsible for placing the country under such political, administrative and economic conditions as will secure the establishment of the Jewish national home, as laid down in the preamble, and the development of self-governing institutions, and also for safeguarding the civil and religious rights of all the inhabitants of Palestine, irrespective of race and religion.

Article 3

The Mandatory shall, so far as circumstances permit, encourage local autonomy.

...Article 5

The Mandatory shall be responsible for seeing that no Palestine territory shall be ceded or leased to, or in any way placed under the control of, the Government of any foreign Power.

Article 6

The Administration of Palestine, while ensuring that the rights and position of other sections of the population are not prejudiced, shall facilitate Jewish immigration under suitable conditions and shall encourage, in co-operation with the Jewish agency referred to in Article 4, close settlement by Jews on the land, including State lands and waste lands not required for public purposes."

That's pretty clear to me. "Arabs" per se are not mentioned. Their states and national homes are somewhere elese in the Middle East - not in 'Palestine'-to-become-the-Jewish-National-Home.

Close settlement for Jews on the Land. Isn't that what I am doing at Shiloh?

g said...

"yes, i do claim the right of political sovereignty "

You claim Israel should occupy all of the Palestinian land.
One-state? You expect me to believe that islamophobic that you are you are willing to live next to Arabs and give them equal rights? Naw....
Or you suggest all Arabs should pack their bags and leave to the neighbor states peacefully? Or else they will be bombarded with white phosphorus or starved or abused any other ways.

And as for Mandate, British invited you to settle next to Palestinian Arabs and live in peace next to them, NOT on their land, not bulldozing their homes, not making them into refugees, not murdering their children, not abusing their women and not imprisoning their men.

And now you actually care for international law? How about 65 UN resolutions targeting Israel?