Thursday, April 23, 2009

Settlement Talks, Settlement Negotiations

Ah, you thought I was referring to those Jewish revenant residential communities in portions of the Jewish national homeland not under Israel political sovereignty?



Talks start on polygamous sect’s property trust

SALT LAKE CITY — Negotiations are under way in a year's long battle for control of a polygamous church property trust seized by the Utah courts in 2005 after allegations of mismanagement.

At stake are the assets of the United Effort Plan Trust, an arm of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints...

Two days of settlement negotiations began Wednesday at the state Capitol. University of Utah law professor Paul Cassell is the mediator...

...Among the issues to be resolved are how to distribute homes held in the trust, whether Hildale and Colorado City must be platted as subdivisions, how to divide undeveloped and communal properties...

...The UEP trust was founded in the 1940s on a religious principle called the Holy United Order, which calls for the sharing of assets and a communal lifestyle that benefits all who follow the tenets of the FLDS faith...The FLDS view secular management of the trust as a violation of their constitutional rights to practice their religion. They have largely ignored Wisan’s management authority, but changed course last fall when he sought court permission to sell off land set aside for a church temple. That triggered the current settlement talks.

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