Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yes, There Is Justice

Some visitors doubt whether Israel is a country of law and justice, especially vis a vis the Arabs and even more so, Arabs resident in the disputed territories.

Read on:

An Israeli court has sentenced two border guards over the unlawful killing of a Palestinian teenager in the West Bank town of Hebron seven years ago.

Imran Abu Hamdieh died after the two men, Shahar Botbeka and Denis Alhazov, pushed him from the back of a military vehicle travelling at 50mph (80km/h).

Botbeka was jailed for eight-and-a-half years and Alhazov for five-and-a-half.


g said...

This is an old news

"Lazla and three other policemen threw Abu Hamdiya from a jeep moving at high speed after they had abducted, beaten, and abused him. His head struck the pavement with great force, killing him. The policemen also abused other Palestinians in Hebron. The entire affair was exposed by B'Tselem and the Palestinian human rights organization al-Haq"

I am not impressed with the term, but it's not my concern. My concern are all the crimes that go UNPUNISHED!!!!!!!!

YMedad said...

a. never satisfied.

b. we're working on it.

c. and Pal. justice?