Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Very Bad Historical Parallel

Found here:

The West Bank is to Israel what the Sudetenland was to the Nazis.

Does that sentence make sense to you?

Actually, Judea and Samaria are the Sudetenland to Israel as it was to Czechoslovakia.

It is part of our national homeland.

It's where Jews lived for many centuries and from where they were ethnically cleansed by Arab rioters and armies.

It was promised to us by the Supreme Council of the League of Nations.

It is a security barrier to attacks on Israel, its industrial centers, populated cities and its international airport by terrorists with shoulder heat-seeking missiles, etc.

The author of that statement above is an evil idiot.


Martijn Lauwens said...

The West Bank is to the Palestinians what the Bantustans were to Black South Africans.

Rain_Drops said...

when were the Jews ethnically cleansed by Arab rioters ? what i know is that they were cleansed by Romans and that Palestinians were mostly Christians in the 7th century ; please correct me if i'm wrong

YMedad said...

A few sources for your perusal:

herehereand this bookA "Palestinian" propaganda view is this:

"From the Roman period, Palestine ceased to be the physical and intellectual centre of Jewish life. That centre was at one time in Spain, at another in Eastern Europe and now has shifted to " America; but throughout these changes certain characteristics always marked the dispersed Jews. They became almost exclusively an urban people of artisans and traders. Socially they withdrew 1!1 into themselves, regulating their communal life by their own I¡ religious code and having little or no social or moral connection with the communities among which they lived.

After the dispersion of the Jews, the bulk of the population of Palestine continued to be Aramaic in language, Christian by religion and ruled from Byzantium until the 7th century A. D. In the later centuries of this period however tribes carne in from Arabia which no longer spoke Aramaic but another Semitic language, Arabic."

Good general background is in this bookand if genetics is your interest, try this

g said...

Peters book is a fraud, revealed by acknowledged scolar Norman Finkelstein. So please don't bring it up as your source.

Spreading lies is what Mr. Medad does for living. :)

YMedad said...

No, her book is not a fraud.

And the fact that the gene pool is similar means that Arabs overran the Land of Israel and Jews were forced to an extent to intermingle. This from 2001:

They may have their differences but Jews and Arabs share a common genetic heritage that stretches back thousands of years.

The striking similarities in their biology have just been revealed in a study of over 1,300 men in almost 30 countries worldwide.

Scientists compared the men's Y chromosomes, the tiny structures within cells that carry the genetic instructions that tell a developing foetus to become a boy.

The comparison also showed that Jews have successfully resisted having their gene pool diluted, despite having lived among non-Jews for thousands of years in what is commonly known as the Diaspora - the time since 556 BC when Jews migrated out of Palestine.

Genetic signatures

Throughout human history, alterations have occurred in the sequence of chemical bases that make up the DNA in the Y chromosome, leaving variations that can be pinpointed with modern genetic techniques.

Related populations carry the same specific variations. In this way, scientists can track descendants of large populations and determine their common ancestors.

The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that Jewish men shared a common set of genetic signatures with non-Jews from the Middle East, including Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese.

These signatures were significantly different from non-Jewish men outside of the Middle East. This means Jews and Arabs have more in common with each other, genetically speaking, than they do with any of the wider communities in which they might live.

and more recently:

The Times recently carried this unusual report on an Israeli Jew (Tsvi Misinai, a retired computer expert) who's hoping to prove that Palestinians are descended from Jews. Apparently, he thinks that proving this will help to stop the bloodshed. His idea is that modern Jews are descended from emigration in the first few centuries of the Christian era. The Jews who stayed put in Palestine converted to Islam, and became Palestinian Arabs. There's hope that genetic tests might be able to prove this.

Well, there is good news and bad news on that score.

The good news is that the genetics of Arabs and Jews have been pretty extensively researched. The classic study dates to 2000, from a team lead by Michael Hammer of University of Arizona. They looked at Y-chromosome haplotypes - this is the genetic material passed from father to son down the generations.

What they revealed was that Arabs and Jews are essentially a single population, and that Palestinians are slap bang in the middle of the different Jewish populations (as shown in this figure).

Another team, lead by Almut Nebel at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, took a closer look in 2001. They found that Jewish lineages essentially bracket Muslim Kurds, but they were also very closely related to Palestinians. In fact, what their analysis suggested was that Palestinians were identical to Jews, but with a small mix of Arab genes - what you would expect if they were originally from the same stock, but that Palestinians had mixed a little with Arab immigrants. They conclude:

We propose that the Y chromosomes in Palestinian Arabs and Bedouin represent, to a large extent, early lineages derived from the Neolithic inhabitants of the area and additional lineages from more-recent population movements. The early lineages are part of the common chromosome pool shared with Jews (Nebel et al. 2000). According to our working model, the more-recent migrations were mostly from the Arabian Peninsula...

So, as far as male lineage goes, the genetic story is very clear. Palestinians and Jews are virtually indistinguishable.

g said...

Yes it is fraud, read for yourself. With open mind...

Or in Finkelstein's "Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestinian conflift".

And so is your friend Dershowitz, haha

YMedad said...

a la Norman, I found this:

Dhim·wit (dïm-wît) - A non-Muslim member of a free society that abets the stated cause of Islamic domination with remarkable gullibility and creativity. A dhimwit is always quick to extend sympathy to the very enemy that would take away his or her own freedom (or life) if given the opportunity.

February 2009 Dhimwit: Norman Finkelstein


In July of 2006, Hezbollah terrorists crossed into the sovereign nation of Israel and murdered several border guards. They also took two young reservists named Ehud Goldwasser, 22, and Eldad Regev, 25, hostage, holding them in exchange for several noted child-killers incarcerated in Israel. Although murdering these two innocent Israelis almost immediately, Hezbollah cruelly allowed their families to hold out hope for years.

This unprovoked act of aggression led to a conflict with Israel that left over 150 Israelis and about 1200 Lebanese dead. That only half of the latter were civilians is a testament to the Israeli determination to fight humanely, despite the best efforts of Hezbollah to embed its militant operations within the local population. At the same time Hezbollah launched thousands of rockets deliberately into population centers, hoping to maximize civilian casualties on the Israeli side as well.

The senseless malice of Hezbollah (which operates explicitly in the name of Allah) is inconsequential in the Muslim world, where the terrorist organization is held in high respect. Anti-Semitism and the inferior status of non-Muslims as a whole are deeply ingrained within Islam, and there is a profound insecurity when this divine order compares unfavorably to the real world. Such is the case with modern Israel’s political, military and economic success measured against the abysmal Arab condition. However, rather than trying to prove the superiority of their religion by competing legitimately with Israel, the Ummah prefers the path of grievance and terrorism.

Although it is understandable why such a band of murderous thugs might be celebrated in the Muslim world, what could possibly explain dhimwits like Norman Finkelstein, a “Jewish-American” professor who openly champions the cause of Hezbollah?

In a recent interview with a Lebanese TV station, the chest-beating Dr. Finkelstein acts as if Islamic terrorism is the only thing standing between Israel and the enslavement and murder of Lebanese Arabs. In his own words, he “honors” the Hezbollah “resistance” and compares Israelis to Nazis who want to kill and destroy innocent people. The choice is between living and dying, and anyone wanting to do the former had better line up behind Hezbollah, according to this cheerleader for terror.

Of course, Finkelstein never really explains how deliberately provoking the 2006 war was a ‘choice for life’ on the part of Hezbollah. He doesn’t tell us why Israel treats its own Arab civilians so well if the intention is to massacre them. He doesn’t provide any insight into why Israelis would even want to engage in genocide or mass murder, or how it is that they have been so inept at this given their obvious abilities. Finkelstein is simply content leaving the worst anti-Semitic stereotypes dangling salaciously in the air.

Muslim bigots must love this man, and one can only guess at how many innocents will die at the hands of those whipped into a righteous passion by the embellished rhetoric of a career academic who, despite his ethnic and national identity, supports those who randomly murder both Jews and Americans.

Actually, to call Norman Finkelstein a man at all may be a misnomer as well. Admittedly raised as a mama’s boy, he is really just a small and cowardly egoist who lives vicariously through romantic fantasies of “freedom fighters,” shrilly parroting their propaganda in the hope of sharing the glory without sharing the physical sacrifice (no virgins await Jewish martyrs). If he had not been granted a global stage on which to encourage violence, Finkelstein would probably be playing with GI Joe dolls in his mother's basement.

Although so seemingly credulous of noble rhetoric – even from the most ignoble of sources – useful idiots such as Norman Finkelstein never seem to show the slightest universal commitment to the very values they claim to champion. Freedom… occupation… resistance? Has Finkelstein ever asked himself what Hezbollah was doing during Syria’s 20-year occupation of Lebanon? Oh that’s right… they were aiding and abetting. So much for the idiom of “liberation.”

While Finkelstein spews his anti-Israel poison into the minds of impressionable Muslims, thus doing his part to perpetuate the violence, true Lebanese patriots such as Rafiq Hariri and May Chidiac (who lost half her body) pay the ultimate price for standing against genuine occupation and oppression. These heroes could hardly be more different from the hollow and self-absorbed Norman Finkelstein - and for that, they should also be exceedingly proud.