Thursday, May 03, 2007

Yediot's "Orthodox" Woman

Who is this lady?

Her name is Tali Farkash.

She's described as "Ynet's in-house Orthodox girl".

Sort of an Israeli OrthoMom.

Here's her latest story lead-in:-

Two days ago when I went to throw out the garbage (yes, we do throw out our garbage) I saw a very strange sight. One of my very traditional neighbors (of the kind who shave their heads) got out of a car.

So, what’s the big deal? People get out of cars every day. But this woman got out of the “wrong” side of the car, the driver’s side. I blinked twice and pinched myself three times, but the surrealistic sight did not disappear.

When the walking wonder or the driving wonder saw me, she blew the horn, added a wink indicating that this was between us, and went to her apartment. I remained there staring into space, with the garbage bag in hand, feeling the warm engine as proof that this was not a nighttime hallucination…

Though the roads in Bnei Brak are full of stricly Orthodox women drivers, you cannot say that the personal freedom in driving a car comes without a price. Even today, when a stricly Orthodox woman drives, it is seen as an act of rebellion, excessive independence, a “complicated issue of Jewish law”.

Well, now we know that Yedioth is interested in the Orthodox world. Well, sort of.

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