Monday, May 07, 2007

Silly Politician(s)

I know this seems silly:-

Politician banned for wearing 'underpants' to meeting

A local politican was shut out of a council meeting in southern Sweden after he turned up in what were described by another councillor as "tricot underpants".

The offending politician, a representative of the far-right Sweden Democrats on Landskrona Council, was wearing a tank top and a military jacket as well as what he himself describes as shorts.

"I told him that I want appropriate dress at meetings of the municipality's elected representatives," Bernström told Helsingborgs Dagblad.

The paper asked the municipality's counsel, Ulla Rosenkvist, whether the Sweden Democrat has broken any written rules. She said that after checking the archives she could not find an official dress code for council meetings.

But Ehud Olmert, dressed appropriately and tattily, still is sillier.

At today's Kadima Knesset faction meeting he and Tzipi were recorded as saying:

אולמרט: "עדכנו אותך על הדיון בקבינט על עזה ביום ראשון?"
Olmert: "Did they update you concerning the cabinet discussion Sunday about Gaza?"

לבני: "אמרו לי. מה שעצבן אותי זה הצבא. הצבא אומר שהדרג המדיני חוסם אותו בדישו. אני
Livni: "They told me. What annoyed me is the army. The army says the political echelon is muzzling them in their treading (a reference to Deuteronomy 25:4 - 'Thou shalt not muzzle the ox when he treadeth')."

אמרתי לשאול מופז: סליחה, אם יש להם רעיונות שיבואו אלינו. אני לא צריכה לשמוע את זה ממך".
"I told Shaul Mofaz: Pardon me, if they have ideas, let them come to us. I don't have to hear this from you/"

אולמרט: "הם רצו להעלות משהו... אז אמרתי להם, תרגעו".
Olmert: "They wanted to raise I told them, take it easy."

לבני: "לא. עדכנו אותי".
Livni: "No, they updated me."

אולמרט: "כן".
Olmert: "Yes."

לבני: "שיש ישיבה".
Livni: "That there's a meeting."

You can see the video of it here.

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