Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Orbach Explains Bibiphobia

Uri Orbach wrote an op-ed, "The power of Bibiphobia", and stated:-

Ehud Olmert reached an almost zero percent approval rating - a nice achievement after one year in office. Yet among the very few who still support him, particularly notable is Minister Roni Bar-On.

The latter, with the enthusiasm of a fool and the dedication of an experienced attorney, continues to praise his master. When we hear him speak it appears as though the Winograd report's only purpose was to demonstrate Ehud Olmert's abilities when it comes to repairing flaws, engineering collapsing walls, and performing rehabilitation tricks that will turn the country and the IDF into a brand new and wonderful home.

Let Ehud plaster away. Bar-On is so convinced of Olmert's ability to be the national renovator that it makes one feel like forgetting Olmert himself is also the main culprit behind these failures. Just like Charlie Chaplin in "Modern Times" who sends a child to break windows and later offers himself up as a glazier, or like a failed dancer who manages to straighten the crooked floor.

Yet following the tempting offer comes the threat: What do you want now, Minister Bar-On says with his thundering voice - to get Bibi and his shady deals? Eh?! You want Bibi?! So says Bar-On, and joyfully returns to work.

The way the "Bibi threat" affects wide media circles is odd and deserving of a psycho-social research. They just hear "Bibi" and they start shaking.

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