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More Self-hating Jews: This Time Roseanne Barr

WorldNet has this on Roseanne Barr (*):-

Then, for reasons not explained in the context of her posting, Barr struck out at Zionism and Israel, while declaring she followed Jesus.

"I truly believe that millions of Jews are not Zionists, and that even if they are, they do not support Israeli occupation," she wrote. "I believe that Jews all over this planet choose peace in the Middle East over the never-ending death machine of hatred and division and terror that exists there now.

"I am a kabbalist, as was Jesus Christ ... (the one whom I follow). He tells me to seek first the Kingdom inside of my soul, and leave the rest to Him. I must in good conscience speak out against injustice especially when the agents of that injustice invoke God. Some blogger calls me a religious bigot for saying these things, and for saying that it takes lots of ritual abuse of children to turn out a 'believer.' Guilty as charged, and ready to burn at the stake if called to.

Yesterday, Barr responded to critics of Wednesday's posting:

"I believe that Israel is a walled-in ghetto in the Middle East, and I do not support walled-in ghettos for Jews anywhere on earth, even if they are heavily armed. I think the Jews of Israel are sick of the religious idiots (American backed) who try to keep them in line, and they want peace NOW! I think Jews can be black, or atheist or Chinese.

"I do not any longer buy the blood feud/child genital torture/twisted matriarchy that is a disgusting part of Judaism. I reject that same thing in Christianity, Islam, Mormonism and anywhere else on Earth. My GOD IS FACT. My allegiance is to truth and justice and equality, and the 'covenant' to me means the removal of all superstition, separatism, and ignorance.


These were not Barr's first tirades against Israel. In December, she wrote she was "sick" of Israel and Zionism, while praising Arabs for protecting the nation's holy sites.

"Zionism was the last nail in the casket of European jewry. The Arabs' protection is the only reason any holy site remains in Israel. The Jews line up to stone women who try to access those sites. I saw it with my own eyes. The Arabs do not invade other countries. The Israelis do. I am sick of Israel and I am sick of Zionists. They are propped up by evangelical Christians who cannot wait for the Arabs to kill them so that their genocidal war god whom they misname Jesus can come back ...

"The Jews are raised to be suicide bombers too, and that abusive cult-programming that is done to Jewish children, beginning with genital torture, remains strong even after the religion itself is abandoned."


For those unaware, the lady above was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and as her bio reads:

Roseanne knew by age three that she was going to be a comic and have her own show. She would entertain her family on Friday evenings when they would gather in her grandmother's apartment for Sabbath dinner. The reaction she received convinced her she was indeed the Center of the Universe, which she still believes to this day.

Roseanne produced, wrote, directed and starred in annual neighborhood plays and shows at the Junior High School. She felt fulfilled until she suddenly realized at age 16 she was still living in Utah. By the time she was 18, she had moved to the mountains of Colorado and lived in an artists' colony. In 1976, Roseanne became a part-time member of the work force. She was employed as a window dresser and then as a cocktail waitress.

Cocktail waitress?

Try this:-

According to her accounts, Roseanne endured a Dickensian childhood of parental abuse, a near-fatal car accident and confinement in a mental home. She drifted into prostitution, marriage, motherhood and waiting tables all the while honing her sharp observations and comic persona.

and this:

Brother: Ben Barr
openly gay, outed by Roseanne; executive director of the Utah AIDS Foundation

Daughter: Brandi Brown
given up for adoption c. 1971; met each other again after approximately 18 years

Daughter: Jennifer Pentland
born c. 1976

Daughter: Jessica Pentland
born c. 1975; reportedly admitted to an alcohol abuse recovery center in 1989

Father: Jerry Barr
Roseanne claimed "My father molested me until I left home at age 17" at a conference of sexual abuse victims on September 21, 1991 in Denver; father denied charges

sold crucifixes and 3-D pictures of Jesus

Mother: Helen Barr
at a conference of sexual abuse victims held in Denver on September 21, 1991 Roseanne said "My mother molested me as a small child"; in PEOPLE magazine Arnold wrote, "My mother abused me from the time I was an infant until I was 6 or 7 years old . . . She hurt me psychologically and physically"; mother denied charges

Sister: Geraldine Barr
filed a $70.3 million suit against Roseanne in December 1991, claiming she helped create her sister's "domestic goddess" character and the "Roseanne" character on the hit TV series; an open lesbian

Sister: Stephanie Barr

Companion: Johnny Argent
met when he submitted songs to her via internet; four years older than Roseanne; dating since 2002

"...if there's a guy out there, and he's older than me and richer than me, that is No. 1...I just want somebody to come and get me. They have to do all of the stuff; I'm not going to do anything. I'm not looking, because I have bad taste. I can't tell a good one from a bad one. And even if I do get a good one, I make him go bad, too. So if anybody's rich enough and brave enough and really, really cares, then we'll see."-Roseanne on remaining celibate
"Roseanne Barr has a history of extreme behavior in public" --Lynn Hirschberg in Vanity Fair, December 1990.
"We're America's worst nightmare. White trash with money!" --Tom Arnold in Us, April 16, 1990.

(1957) Suffered from Bell's palsy (temporary and/or permanent paralysis of a nerve in the face) at age three (date approximate)
(1970) Was hit by a car at age 16; was in a coma for several days and later placed in a state hospital for a year; suffered from personality disorder which required treatment with thorazine
(1960) Starred as King Achesuerus in her synagogue's production of "The Story of Esther" at age six (date approximate)
(1994) Announced that professional name was be simply Roseanne after her separation from husband Tom Arnold
(1976) Began working as a window dresser and part-time cocktail waitress; encouraged by her bar customers to perform stand-up; Began performing stand-up comedy in punk bars, biker bars and Unitarian Church coffeehouses in Denver; also worked as a prostitute
(1991) Changed professional name to Roseanne Arnold after she and Tom Arnold agreed that she would take his name if he would convert to Judaism
(1982) Hired to perform at the Denver Comedy Club (date approximate)
Hitchhiked across country
(1988-1997) Made TV series acting debut as Roseanne Conner in "Roseanne";
(1994) Made claim that she had been diagnosed with 21 personalities
(1972) Moved to Colorado mountains and lived in artists' colony at age 18 (date approximate)
(1973) Moved to Denver with husband, William Pentland


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And just WHY should we care what she says?

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you jewish people are really crazy.
Moslims and jews should all go to hell

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Because you care not what is said doesn't mean the rest of us don't. Presuming that YOUR tastes are the worlds would make you an egomaniac. I found this to be very interesting and informative. Unlike your comment or opinion in general. But I suppose everyone has one no matter how worthless...

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I would consider blogging and commenting as "Anonymous" to be a sign of self-worthlessness, actually.