Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Let's Do "Domestic Affairs", Why Don't We

Here's a bit from the interview of America's Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice with Hisham Melhem of Al Arabiya on May 7, 2007:-

QUESTION: I want to talk about the Syrians and the Iranians at Sharm, but
before that. I don't -- I know you don't talk about domestic affairs in a state like Israel, obviously. But after the recent report on the Lebanon war, it seems that the Israeli Prime Minister, Mr. Olmert, has suffered a setback. I mean, what would that do to your efforts -- and you've been to the Middle East several times this year -- when you have a besieged Israeli Prime Minister and a weakened Palestinian Authority, essentially a two-headed authority. I mean, what would that do to your efforts to revive talks? It is tough, is it not?

SECRETARY RICE: Well, first of all, Israel is a strong democracy and democracies have a way of working their way through issues like this and we look forward to working with the Prime Minister and continuing to push forward. I hope that they will again renew the efforts to have the regular meetings with President Abbas. I think those -- I hope those will continue to go forward.

And we're going to continue to work toward the two-state solution because one thing that we know is that the Israeli people overwhelmingly want to get to a place where they have a neighbor who can be a contributor to their security and we know that the Palestinian people have waited a long time for their state.

And so the President and I remain committed to that and as Israelis work through their democratic process, we're going to work with the Prime Minister and his government to move forward.

Waited a long time?

Oh, please.

And what's with this go/push/move forward business?

How much forward can we go/push/move when all Israel is doing is moving backwards with no quid pro quo, while Kassams fall and terror and terror attempts continue?

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