Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Fort Dix Six

What, no Pals?

The suspects include three ethnic Albanian brothers who entered the United States illegally, part of a family that has lived for years in Cherry Hill, N.J., where they attended public schools and relatives ran a roofing business and a pizzeria. They were joined by their brother-in-law, who was born in Jordan and is a United States citizen, and two other legal United states residents: an ethnic Albanian from the former Yugoslavia, and a Turk who lived in Philadelphia.

The men, ages 22 to 28, held jobs ranging from roofer to cabdriver to pizza deliveryman, and had no clear motivation other than their stated desire to kill United States soldiers in the name of Islam.

But maybe that Jordanian is a Pal?

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Barbara said...

just so you know - Cherry Hill is a bridge away from Philadelphia - less than a 30 minute drive. Philly has a large Islamic population.

Glad they caught them. Now let us pray they don't find a way to blame the Jews.