Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Seems a blogger created a contest:-

SAUDI TRIBE HOLDS CAMEL BEAUTY PAGEANT and it described the camel contestants, the points on which they receive credits, etc.

We were instructed that we could do anything on the subject, etc. I have participated in the 'contests' many times and it is a great break from other things that I do. Following is my entry on the above described article. Hope you have a chuckle from it.


(To the tune of "These Dunes* Are Alive With The Sound of Music")

These sands are alive with the sound of camels

They're strolling about - in a grand parade ……..

They're vying for pri-zes –these female mam-mals ,

Each owner just hopes his will make – the grade.

No burkas to co-ver the elegant bod

Or a covering for her face,

She is not confined by strictest rules

Or have limits to her space.

She dances 'cross the desert sands

On legs so long and thin,

Desirous of those silver bands

Awarded if she should win!

To soothe all their 'pets' and their braying voi-ces

The drivers all join in an old refrain –

They all did agree – of the many choi-ces

That old Yiddish song- "Oy, Bei Mir -Bistu Shayn"!!**

* Poetic license!

**Oy! You Are So Beautiful For Me! (somewhat loose translation)

by C

May 1,2007

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