Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Belgian Justice

Did you know that:-

Belgian Socialist MEP Veronique De Keyser told colleagues last week she admired the “moderation and maturity“ of Palestinian Authority Arabs, according to the EJP news service.

“I wonder how they are able to limit violence in the territories given the background,” she commented at a European Left Group hearing, held at the European Parliament on the issue of PA political prisoners. “If the Israeli ambassador comes in the future to speak of Israel’s security, I feel like I want to strangle him,” she added.

Hmmm. Since a few years ago, the Belgian law of 16 June 1993 (modified on 10 February 1999) was used to bring a case against Ariel Sharon as a supposed "war criminal", could someone find out if we can charge Ms. De Keyser as threatening the life of another human being, conspiracy to commit murder or some other heinous act?

Oh, and if you want to try strangling her, this may help you identify her:-

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