Sunday, July 30, 2006

Will This Make the Letters Section of the NYTimes?

Your editorial suggest that there is a "glaring flaw in the [U.S.] administration’s logic" in its attitude towards Israel's airstrike campaign against the Hezbollah and that a major Israeli ground offensive "would have far too steep a political and diplomatic cost" ("A Right Way to Help Israel", July 29).

However, it might well be that it is your paper that possesses a flawed logic.

In the confrontation with Hezbollah, with Syria and Iran behind it, no diplomatic or political gain or victory can be measured against a military weakness or loss that Israel might suffer at present. Israel had achieved a political and diplomatic gain in 2000 when it withdrew uniltaerally from Lebanon and now, six years later, the military cost has finally caught up.

Whatever Britain's Tony Blair or even America's Condoleeza Rice can offer now, we in Israel don't want to reap in another few years.

Yisrael Medad
Shiloh, Israel

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