Sunday, July 23, 2006

My Letter in Haaretz

This time, they spelled my name correctly.

My letter was translated from the Hebrew and published in the English edition.

Regarding "Was it a mistake?" Haaretz Magazine, July 7

In order to answer the question "Was the disengagement a mistake?" that was posed on the cover of the magazine, Shavit should have talked not just to politically center, left-wing and extreme left-wing people, and not just people that have a personal interest in answering that question above and beyond the general public one - rather other people.

They could have included people like Benjamin Netanyahu, Yaacov Amidror, Rafi Yisraeli, Arieh Stav and Shmuel Katz, among others.

These people, and others, have written, been interviewed and appeared in public forums, and have tried to point out the political, military and moral problems of Ariel Sharon's plan. Their predictions were, pardon the expression, right on target.

I would recommend a continuation of Shavit's process of observation so that no one will ever have to say "We told you so" again.

Yisrael Medad

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