Friday, July 21, 2006

Parris is Burning

Matthew Parris has got me burning in writing this:

The past 40 years have been a catastrophe, gradual and incremental, for world Jewry. Seldom in history have the name and reputation of a human grouping lost so vast a store of support and sympathy so fast. My opinion — held not passionately but with little personal doubt — is that there is no point in arguing about whether the state of Israel should have been established where and when it was because it has become a fact. To try to remove it now would be at least as great an injustice as the one originally done to the Palestinians. But Israel’s best and perhaps only security for the future would be to rest upon a settlement that everyone the whole world over — everyone but the anti-Zionist fanatics — could see was reasonable. There would need to be no room left for argument. Then Israel would be able to feel confident of the full-hearted support not just of governments but of their peoples.

That settlement has to be a return to her pre-1967 boundaries. Precisely because Israel is by no means forced to make so generous a move, the international support (even love) this would generate would secure her future permanently. It would bring her back within the pale.

Oh, how happy we will be to return to the borders that invited the previous major round of an Arab attempt to eradicate Israel.

Oh, how happy the Arabs would be!

Oh, how happy Parris would be?


P.S. I am aware that this is the second time I've related to this claptrap but sometimes some people tell me I am too thrifty with my words and I should write just a little bit more.

And besides, he really ticked me off on this one.

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