Friday, July 21, 2006

Rational Reasoned Pal. Thinking

Well, not really.


Israel is not telling the truth about how many Israelis are being sent to hell. When Hizballah bombed the train station in Haifa, there were huge pools of blood everywhere, and the Israeli authorities said that only 8 were killed. If only 8 were killed, where did all that blood come from then? Up to now, the death toll is 250 in Lebanon and 25 in Israel. So thats 10 Lebanese people per Israeli person killed. That sucks. People think that Arab blood is worthless.

It’s impossible that after firing more than 950 rockets, only 25 have been killed. Israel just wants to cover it up, because the Israelis might rebel against the govermentbecause of the killings and because they’re cowards and don’t want to fight.


palestinianphilosopher said...

yay, i'm rational AND reasonable. thanks

YMedad said...

Well, for example, how could you be so sure that any Israeli soldier is being sent to Hell? Why not Heaven? And I can tell you, they're not going there because of 72 virgins.

palestinianphilosopher said...

dude, i am sure, because jews aren't allowed in heaven, just like lawyers and politicians aren't allowed in heaven either.

YMedad said...

Once upon a time, we Jews weren't allowed into country clubs. But we overcame antisemitism and got rid of the antisemites. Watch out! You obvious racism is showing.

thepoliticalpundit said...

My Dear Sirs,

Have either of you met anyone who has come back to tell us that he, or she, was allowed or refused enterance into Heaven or Hell?

Yes, young Israeli men and women, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters are being sent to Hell every day - the Hell of having to fight in Lebanon against forces of evil that have no regard for human life.

Other human beings, Jews, Druze, Christians and Muslims, aged and young, who live south of the recognized international border between Israel and Lebanon are living in Hell, being sent to bomb shelters every few hours and living in constant fear of terrorism, either from the air of from ground attacks.

All Hizbullah, Hamas, Al Qaida and others have to do to stop this is to stop! The moment they drop their weapons the fire ends. Israel has no interest in Lebanese land - it has an interest in seeing a thriving Democracy and open borders. Israelis, Jews, Druze, Muslim or Christian all dream of driving freely up to Turkey via Beirut while they host their freindly guests from up north.

This is not a war about ideology. This is not a war about territory.
This is not a war about right or wrong.

It is a war to try and bring quiet to all legal residents of the land mass between the Turkish border and the tip of Africa.

Will the West win? I can't say. But this will only end when it does.

The Political Pundit

palestinianphilosopher said...

yay, i'm an anti-semite!
get over it.

Rachel Gold said...

Talking to this rabid raghead is a waste of time. Cast not your pearls to the swine.