Tuesday, July 25, 2006

No Limit

Peretz Kidron (e mail = cherryk@zahav.net.il) is a promoter of Yesh Gvul (There's A Limit - a play on the Hebrew term for both limit and border).

And what is Yesh Gvul's agenda?

Dear friend,

In view of the unfolding disaster in Lebanon, we seem to be headed for weeks or months of active campaigning against the renewed invasion and the bombing campaign.

We call on all those who share our view of the situation to support our efforts, and mount similar protests of their own !

Yesh Gvul was the first group to organize a demonstration against the war with a vigil at the prime minister's official residence in Jerusalem on Sat. July 8. Some 700 - 800 persons responded to our initiative.

We took part in setting up the march in Tel Aviv, Sat. July 15, and we are again part of the coalition that will demonstrate tomorrow, Sat. July 22.

The following Wednesday will see the launch of a new anthology ("Occupation and Refusal" - so far Hebrew only) edited by Yesh Gvul coordinator Ishai Menuhin [Heb. U. lecturer in Polictical Science - YM]. The event, at Tel Aviv "Zavta", will offer a further opportunity to protest against the criminal campaign in Lebanon.

FYI: Contradicting the Israeli government claim that the ferocious onslaught on Lebanon is in spontaneous response to a provocative Hizballah cross-border raid - an apparently informed report from Ha'aretz miiltary correspondent Amir Oren (Haaretz, July 21) reveals that the IDF has long prepared the campaign, with the most recent training exercise held last month. Also, Oren reports that the Israeli government earlier stalled an initiative to reduce tension on the Lebanon border. So, who's to blame ?


The Hizbees you idiot. The IDF has plans for every eventuality but someone has to start it and they did.

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