Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Arab Chutzpah

Shaw J. Dallal of New Hartford, N.Y., has a letter is today's NYTimes.

Your editorial emphasizes a cease-fire based on disbanding Hezbollah. You say nothing about Israel’s occupation of Arab lands. Unless this occupation is ended, war and conflict in the Middle East will continue to threaten world peace.

Ending the occupation has been thwarted by our longstanding policy that Israel must be strong enough to defeat the combined forces of all the Arab states. This has encouraged Israel to continue its occupation.

Hezbollah’s shelling of Israeli towns and cities, in retaliation for Israel’s shelling and destruction of Lebanese towns and cities, portends a change in the balance of power in the region. It challenges our policy of maintaining Israel’s military superiority.

The call for disbanding Hezbollah will therefore inevitably be viewed by most Arabs as implicit support for Israel’s continuing military occupation of Arab lands.

Er, Shaw, what "occupation"?


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