Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"Music" to Our Ears

Judy Balint sent me a copy of an e mail from Gershom May, Hatzor Haglilit (his address is: and here's an excerpt I selected:

The night, brought the noise, of a nasty, annoying, neighbor. Having a huge, loud, raucous party, a block away.

Yet, you can hear clearly. The deep bass, almost drum like beats, of the Katushyah's, as they plunged into their target, and explode.

Whump, whump, whump. With an occasional, SHHHHHHHT. And, extra loud, Kaboom when they impact locally for a little added rythm.

There is the eclectic mix, of various aircraft sounds, air raid sirens, and emergency vehicles wailing mixed in as they are searching for the tormentors. At the Hizbollah party.

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