Monday, July 31, 2006

Calling Female Supporters of Israel

Ah, ladies, we need some help here.

Israel needs you in the front lines.


Moze said...

OK, Yisrael, this was really beneath you. Our girls don't get enough hassling? When you make a post, even as a joke, asking them to use their breasts in service of politics, what makes you all that different from the Yasmnikim at Amona?

YMedad said...

I disagree. This isn't hassling and unlike the Yassamnikim, I am not suggesting anyting physical. I am not advising Ulpana girls or any other female to act licentiously. We are fighting a PR war and charms are as good as arms. If anyone feels uncomfortable, that's another thing but not every supporter of Israel would feel uncomfortable. There's a wide war out there and more than enough room for a variety of methods of gaining favor for Israel.

Moze said...

This isn't hassling? What is it you're implying in your post? "If you're young and you've got big boobs, put 'em in something tight and white and strut them for the cause."

I asked a few other women and girls, and the response to your post was unanimous: "That's disgusting."

It's obvious from your post and reply that you're male. When the cat's away?

YMedad said...

Well, if you couldn't tell from my picture that I'm a male, maybe your glasses need cleaning. And I think you have your metaphors mixed up with the cat reference but in any case, I understand your sensitivity and rest assured that I have and had no intentions of either hassling, harassing or embarassing. But, yes, to an extent, I would like to see young, fresh and nice faces and bodies demonstrating on behalf of Israel. It creates sympathy and identification. Not everyone around the globe understands the proper values of modesty and we need to realize that we are not alone.

When a few of us (Shifra Blass, Uri Elitzur, Yehiel Leiter, Marc Zell, Shlomo Vach, Israel Harel and a few others my age is causing me to forget [although I think I can see their faces]) went off to Madrid in 1991, we were told specifically by Bibi that we are talking to "the housewife in Akron, Ohio" and so, whether you or I like it or to what extent we do or don't, a friendly face, a smiling face, an attractive person will carry the message to other sectors. And we can't afford not to have this support.

As regards the picture I posted, it's so obvious and that was the message I was trying to promote. If at all, the facetiousness of the body of the posting could be problematic to a certain group of people who are sensitve (for good or other reasons) and to them, I hope you undertand I meant no harm (even though for anyone using the Internet, it was a minor abstraction).

Now, let's get on with the public opinion battle for this country.