Friday, July 21, 2006

Gordis Cuts the Knot?

While quite sympathetic to the idea of Jewish presence throughout the Land of Israel, Rabbi Daniel Gordis was pro-disengagement.

We shared touring with a Wexner Foundation study group of their Israel Fellowship program in Efrat, Shiloh and Givat Achiyah.

He now has a bit of a different opinion.

Here's an excerpt:-

It’s sad, because deep down, people are starting to wonder. Would going there be the only way to get beyond their hate? We got out of Lebanon. We left Gaza. Olmert was elected after he openly declared his intention to give back the majority of the West Bank. But without intending to, we called their bluff. And now we know: the issue isn’t their statehood. It’s ours.


We’ve got this war for the same reason that we had all the others. We have this war for the same reason that people in Haifa are still saying mi-po ani lo zaz. We got this war for the same reason that we got the first, and the second.

We know why they attacked then. And we know why they’re still attacking. And we’re determined to hold on for the same reason that they’re so determined never to stop. There’s one reason, and one reason only:

The Jewish People has no where else to go.

I hope he realizes that my home in Shiloh and that of my friends all over Yesha is also part of that "else", that place we have no where to go from.

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