Sunday, July 23, 2006

Parris Gets Pummeled

Matthew Parris' trash I mentioned previously.

Here is Andrew Besser's response in the letter pages of the London Times:

Sir, Matthew Parris states that “the past 40 years have been a catastrophe . . . for world Jewry” (comment, July 20).

In analysing the period 1967-2006, Jews have regained control over the holiest place in their religion, Jerusalem, have established more Jewish educational schools, colleges and seminaries worldwide than at any other time in our history, created more Nobel prize winners, been at the forefront of research and invention in the fields of science, medicine, IT and music, have outlived the Soviet labour camps and seen the release of the refuseniks, rejoined Ethiopian Jewry with its brethren, enjoyed relative economic stability and relative political freedom.

In 1927-67, there was the Holocaust, postwar pogroms in Poland and the attempts by Britiain to return refugees to Germany or imprison them in Cypriot prisons. In 1887-1927, there was the persecution of Jews and pogroms in Tsarist and then Bolshevik Russia, the displacement of millions of Jews from Eastern Europe, the Dreyfus affair in France and Jewish poverty in the UK and the US.

The past 40 years have been a golden period for world Jewry. But many of us now believe the clouds are back.

Spot on!

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