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To the Term "East Jerusalem" (Updated)

In the latest report - Report on Preliminary Examination Activities 2017, The Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court - relating to "Palestine", point 54 on page 12 reads:

In June 1967, an international armed conflict (the Six-Day War) broke out between Israel and neighbouring states, as a result of which Israel acquired control over a number of territories including the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Immediately after the end of the Six-Day War, Israel established a military administration in the West Bank, and adopted laws and orders effectively extending Israeli law, jurisdiction and administration over East Jerusalem

Did an entity called "east Jerusalem" exist? 

A fairly simple question, no?

Here are two maps from before 1967 and after 1948.

The first is a Russian one from 1949:

The second is a British one from 1957 but with a 1960 update*:

The British map actually includes Neve Ya'aqov, a destroyed and ethnically-cleansed Jewish moshav, overrun in the 1948 war.

Both note "Jerusalem" but not an "East Jerusalem" nor a "West Jerusalem".

I presume those terms were diplomatic ones, not geographical ones.



Even the NYTimes used "Old" and not "East":-

And I add the population statistics of 1946:

It was not an "Arab city" in any demographic sense.

Of course, in the meantime, the New York Times manages to rewrite history:

“East Jerusalem was exclusively Arab in 1967.” 

And why was it exclusively Arab?  Was that because the Arabs practiced apartheid?  Ethnically-cleansed that part of the city of its Jews? Terrorized the Jewish population during the 1920s and 1930s to become refugees from the Old City and Shiloach and Georgian neighborhoods?

And the neighborhood in 1915 - how many Arab homes do you see?

And then during the 1947-48 war of Arab aggression, forced Jews from the Old City, Nahlat Shimon and Shimon HaTzadik neighborhoods to flee?


A lawyer commented to me that in para 56 there is a reference to “the city of Jerusalem” as a single entity.

So I rechecked and found that there are an additional 12 (!) times that "East Jerusalem", including one section entitled "West Bank and East Jerusalem", is included in the report.  And that one time was using language from both Camp David and Oslo.



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Although in para 56 she refers to “the city of Jerusalem” as a single entity