Sunday, December 03, 2017

Actually, There Are More Than Five

Ariel Rubinstein in his Economic Fable:

Begin often explained his decisions in terms of carrying out duties and honoring rights: ”We must all make an effort to… We have to… But we are also obliged…” He would start by saying ”We must make sure that…” and ask ”What should we have done?” In a meeting with President Carter on 19 July 1977, Begin reached new heights of rhetoric:

Mr. President, in your country there are many cities with biblical names. You have eleven places with the name Hebron; five with the name Shiloh and seven with the name Bethlehem. Can you imagine a governor in one of these states prohibiting Jews from living in these cities? The Israeli government also cannot prohibit Jews from living in Hebron, Bethlehem or Beit El. It is our duty to…



You asked, so, according to Wikipedia:

Shiloh, DeKalb County, Alabama, a town
Shiloh, Marengo County, Alabama, an unincorporated community
Shiloh, Arkansas (disambiguation)
Shiloh, Florida, a former village
Shiloh, Harris County, Georgia, a city
Shiloh, Illinois, a village
Shiloh, Indiana, an unincorporated town
Shiloh, Kentucky, an unincorporated community
Shiloh, Mississippi, a ghost town
Shiloh, New Jersey, a borough
Shiloh, Montgomery County, Ohio, a census-designated place
Shiloh, Richland County, Ohio, a village
Shiloh, York County, Pennsylvania, a census-designated place
Shiloh, Sumter County, South Carolina, a census-designated place
Shiloh, Tennessee (disambiguation)
Shiloh, Texas (disambiguation)
Shiloh, Virginia (disambiguation)
Shiloh, West Virginia (disambiguation)
Shiloh Creek, a stream in Kansas and Missouri
Shiloh Historic District, Springdale, Arkansas


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